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storm gallery: 2013

Slide show of my favorite skyscapes of 2013 - supercells, tornadoes and lightning.

Here are some images and videos from the 2013 storm chase. Pages marked with the camera symbol have video. Also check out my blog.

March 24: A Florida squall line blasts car with wind and debris

April 14: Tornado-warned storms provide intriguing images and adrenaline on Florida's Space Coast

April 29: Lightning sparks over Port Canaveral, Florida

May 11: Severe storm brings intense lightning, wind to Rockledge, Florida

May 16: Lightning storms in northwest Kansas

May 17: Scenic Nebraska storms and shelf cloud

May 18: Rotating storms and tornadoes in central Kansas

May 20: A small Oklahoma tornado on the day of a tragic large one

May 24: Amazing rotation and lightning in storms from northeast Colorado into Nebraska

May 26: Gorgeous, sculpted tornado-warned low-precipitation supercell in Nebraska with spectacular lightning

May 27: Central Kansas storms and cloud acrobatics

May 28: A long-lasting wedge tornado near Bennington, Kansas

May 31: Rain-wrapped EF5 wedge tornado and storm structure at El Reno, Oklahoma

Tornado Alley 2013 odds and ends: Storms, busts, people, culture and a dust devil video

June 18: Lightning over Port Canaveral, Florida

July 11: Storms and shelf cloud in Brevard County, Florida

July 21: Shelf cloud and storm in Cocoa Beach, Florida

July 22: Evolution of a dreamy storm over Satellite Beach, Florida

August 20: Full "blue moon" with lightning storms over Florida's Space Coast

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