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gallery: May 13, 15 and 20, 2010

May 13, 15, and 20, 2010: This is a collection of photos from a few "down days" while chasing storms in the Plains - friends, art, nature, roadside attractions, and so on. You have to love the down days, too, or these long road trips can get pretty grim. Share

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051310-01 051310-02 051310-03
Stop! May 13, our group did stop at Adamo's, a very good Italian restaurant in Elk City, Oklahoma. This weathered sign was nearby. Wildflowers near the interstate. The, uh, artsy ones in the group got to Scott's hail shield.
051310-04 051310-05 051310-06
Scott in his home away from home. On the way west to Amarillo, we observed the big cross. You can't miss it, though I put it among power poles. Palo Duro Canyon, south of Amarillo, on a cloudless day - well, except for the storms waaaaay to the south.
051310-07 051310-08 051310-09
The fisheye view of the canyon and fence. That's my shadow looming over the canyon. Clockwise from lower left: Dayna, Heather, Meghan, Chris, Brad, Dave L., Mark, Dave P., Scott.
051310-10 051310-11 051310-12
We hiked up to a little cave. Dave Patrick gets his shot. The view out of the cave at Palo Duro.
051310-13 051310-14 051310-15
Halfway. And looking back toward the group. Desert bloom.
051310-16 051310-17 051310-18
I try to get to the Big Texan in Amarillo on just about every chase trip. The 6-ounce filet is plenty; no 72-ouncer for me! We shared a decadent brownie.
051310-19 051310-20 051510-01
At the Big Texan. Cadillac Ranch glows in west Amarillo under star trails on May 13, 2010. On May 15, the group hung out in Odessa, Texas, for a while, waiting for storms, then gave up. Dave and Scott were agonizing over whether to stay for another week, so they wanted to head to Oklahoma, and Mark wanted to follow. I knew I was staying, so I said hasta la vista and headed west.
051510-02 051510-03 051510-04
Ah, the derelict structures of Orla, New Mexico. I went to Carlsbad May 15, not to see the cave, which I've seen already, but to catch the bat flight out of it. Only a few flew out - it's early in the migration. Meanwhile: cactus! The park at Carlsbad Caverns is pretty in its own right.
051510-05 051510-06 051510-07
Bug and flower. The sun was getting low as I headed for the cavern entrance. Nifty plants outside Carlsbad Caverns.
052010-01 052010-02 052010-03
May 20: George Kourounis got an early birthday greeting from his friends in "the auto club" in Shawnee, Oklahoma. On a travel day May 20, our group stopped in Greensburg, Kansas, which was devastated by a tornado in 2007. This is the site of the "big well," the world's largest hand-dug well. The view of our chase cars from the other side of the sculpture.
052010-04 052010-05 052010-06
Greensburg's new arts center. These steps to nowhere are an eerie reminder of the power of the tornado in Greensburg. The Greensburg wind farm provides power for the town.
052010-07 052010-08 052010-09
Outside Greensburg, a road near the wind farm leads to the sunset and a Mennonite church. M.T. Liggett's outsider art can be seen in Mullinville, Kansas. More of M.T. Liggett's funky art in Mullinville, Kansas.
M.T. Liggett's sculptures move in the wind, of which Kansas has much.

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