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storm gallery: May 7, 2008

May 7, 2008: The main hope for rotating storms today was that the would fire in the wake of the overnight and morning convection, perhaps on the dryline, so my initial target was Paris, Texas, to Hugo, Oklahoma. I chased with Dave Lewison, Scott McPartland, Mark Robinson and his cameraman Dave.

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a050708chasers b050708chasers c050708chasers
As storm chasers gather in Gainesville, Texas, waiting for storms to fire on the advancing dryline, a member of an Australian documentary crew, left, interviews Mark Robinson. The Cloud 9 Tours group was among the chasers who stopped at a gas station in Gainesville, Texas, waiting for new storms to fire. Canadian chaser Mark Robinson, left, talks with Cloud 9 Tours leader Charles Edwards.
d050708chasers e050708chasers f050708chasers
Cloud 9 Tours guide John Guyton, left, and New York chaser Dave Lewison share a laugh. The Australian TV crew talks to Mark Robinson and looks at his car. It's Scott McPartland, or as I'm calling him thanks to his current beard, ZZ Scott.
g050708chasers h050708chasers i050708storm1
On Scott McPartland's truck is Dave Lewison's turret-cam. Cloud 9 Tours guide George Kourounis digs his energy drink for Dave Lewison's camera. Our group had to choose between an isolated cell in north Texas on the dryline and a storm near the Dallas metroplex. We chose the former and caught it as it crossed into Oklahoma and neared I-35.
k050708storm3 l050708storm4 m050708storm5
Unfortunately, our storm became a beefy cluster (and eventually the southern storms died, too). But it was pretty. The storm had nifty mammatus clouds. The storm advances, green - perhaps because of its hail.
n050708storm6 o050708storm7 p050708stormflowers1
It advanced over Lake Texoma. Another shot as it crossed the lake, quickly. Wildflowers blow in the wind before the storm.
q050708stormflowers2 r050708storm8 s050708flowers
The cows seemed oblivious. They usually are. I had a last look before I let it overtake me. The wildflowers in southern Oklahoma looked fantastic. They've certainly had enough rain in the past week.

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