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storm gallery: May 1-6, 2004

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On May 4, our crew decided to chase some tourist sites, since no storms were available. First stop was the Garden of Eden in Lucas, Kansas. It's a quirky house dating from the early 20th century surrounded by cement sculptures, including Eve being tempted by the serpent. Digital image. Also at the Garden of Eden, both biblical and political scenes are depicted. Digital image.

The creator of the Garden of Eden, S.P. Dinsmoor, agreed with Ben Franklin that the turkey (sculpted on a cement flag) should have been the national bird. Behind the sculpture is the mausoleum holding Dinsmoor's mummy, still on view. Digital image. Moving on to Cawker City, Kansas, we gazed upon the wonder that is the world's largest ball of twine, or at least one of them. Digital image.

Also May 4, we kept going north to the geographical center of the United States, outside Lebanon, Kansas. Digital image. We briefly admired a real Danish windmill in Elkhorn, Iowa, as we drove east on May 5. Although the wind was blowing fiercely from the south, the windmill wasn't turning. Image from video.

May 6 brought us in a circle around eastern Iowa, hoping the cap would break south of the warm front. It didn't. Here's a view of the Mississippi River from the Mark Twain Overlook in Muscatine, Iowa. That sky reflects the un-stormy front. Digital image. Pretty flowers bloom on the riverbank by the Mississippi in Muscatine, Iowa. Image from video.

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