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storm gallery: May 28-29, 2002

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On May 28, Scott Blair shows off his newest windshield cracks in Abilene, Texas. Image from video. West of Eldorado, Texas, Dave Lewison, Bill Hark, Jason Persoff (not pictured) and I consider which way to go as a big storm goes up in the distance, near the Mexico border. Image from video.

Finally, we head west to intercept what we hope is the southernmost storm in a line of convection. Images from video.

Windmills were perfectly juxtaposed with the storm we chose, which moved toward Interstate 10. Images from video.

The storm took on an intriguing structure. Images from video.

We stopped over the Interstate and saw a shear funnel as our storm collapsed, overtaken by the two updrafts of a split storm. Image from video. The storm moving south had a suspicious-looking wall cloud. Image from video.

The split storms were putting out some hot lightning. Images from video.

By the time we caught up with it, the updraft was beautiful but losing strength. It treated us to a lightning show, however. Images from video.

After the lightning, there were lightning bugs. Image from video.

May 29 offered only a fair-weather wind and sunset. Images from video.

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