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storm gallery: May 26, 2002

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May 26, a couple of storms went up in southeast Colorado, and Dave Lewison, Bill Hark, George Jenkins and I went into the Oklahoma panhandle to intercept them. Image from video. Soon after we got on the storms, they began gusting out, kicking up lots of dust. Image from video.

The storm kicked up more dust. Image from video. Then we saw the first of many gustnadoes. This one crossed the road in front of us. Image from video.

More beefy gustnadoes spun out of the storm. Images from video.

Another gustnado is spun up among outflow dust. Image from video. At times, the storm looked as if it were trying to organize itself again. Image from video.

This beefy gustnado appeared where warm inflow was intersecting the gust front. Images from video.

A few amazing anvil crawlers lit up the sky as we approached another storm. The last two images are from the same bolt. Images from video.

Another anvil crawler zips across the sky. Image from video. Pretty mammatus clouds offered a nice finish to the day. Image from video.

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