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storm gallery: May 23-24, 2002

To see a larger version of a photo, just click on its thumbnail image below. Then, to get back to this page, hit the "back" button on your browser.

We started May 23 with a look at the world's largest hand-dug well in Greensburg, Kansas, and the tornado siren on the water tower next to it. Image from video. Clouds started bubbling up west of the windmill park in Shattuck, Oklahoma. Images from video and slide.

The storms started to burst through the cap in the Texas panhandle. Image from video. In Lipscomb County, the storm that Dave Lewison, Bill Hark and I were chasing began to get organized. Image from video.

The high-based storm put down a brief tornado. Image from video. Then it formed a wall cloud while rear-flank downdraft dust was kicked up behind it. Image from video.

The storm again put down a tornado ... Image from video. ... and then another. It put down a fourth while I was driving, so I couldn't film it. Image from video.

We were right across the road from a persistent circulation that formed a funnel shape and then dissipated. Image from video. The storm produced another wall cloud and then weakened rapidly, so we headed west. Image from video.

The sky was filled with pretty mammatus clouds. Image from video. To our west, we saw another storm take on a classic shape. Chaser Scott Blair and his crew saw a brief tornado under it. Image from video.

Just after sunset, we got to the storm near Borger and west of Pampa, Texas. It had a significant wall cloud. Image from video. The storm assumed an amazing structure as darkness fell. Images from video and slide.

Mushy storms went up May 24 in western Texas and Oklahoma near the Red River. Dave Lewison, Bill Hark, George Jenkins and I chased them despite their messy nature. Images from video.

We hopped from storm to storm. Image from video. At last we got on one with a tornado warning. Image from video.

The storm looked good for a while, but it soon became more linear. Images from video.

We missed the brief tornado near Vernon, though we headed that way and saw pretty mammatus clouds. Image from video. At least the sunset was lovely. Image from video.

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