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22 May 2017:
New Mexico sunset storms

May 22, 2017: Kathy Velasquez and I targeted eastern New Mexico today and were rewarded with pretty supercells. For the day's finale, we ran into chaser Bill Hark and observed a spectacular sunset storm with mammatus and a rainbow. Share on Facebook

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    We headed to eastern New Mexico in hopes of storms. Clouds were promising.
    Our first decent storm - in the sunshine.
    Shaping up ...
    The storm, somewhere east of Roswell, formed a very nice shape.
    As the storm became dominated by outflow, it made for a pretty picture over this church.
    Nice layers. But the storm was losing its strength.
    We headed north and west - still east of Roswell - and caught this nice storm.
    A little further west, this storm promised eye candy. Here you see a distinct hail shaft.
    The sun was setting, creating a beautiful rainbow.
    The full arc!
    A closeup of the rainbow.
    Love this New Mexico landscape, the sun, the storm.
    Mammatus clouds put on a dazzling show - with rainbow.
    Looking up and all around, the mammatus in the storm's anvil were amazing.
    Colors became breathtaking with the sunset.
    Now this is a road I want to be on.
    More beauty...
    And more, as the colors shifted...
    A scrubby tree is a stark contrast against the golden tower of the storm.
    Mammatus swirl up through the anvil.
    The sun slips below the horizon, taking flaming orange with it, leaving pinks and purples behind.
    Here's a panorama of the storm, with my chase vehicle in the foreground.

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