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July 21, 2013:
shelf cloud and storm in Cocoa Beach, Florida

July 21, 2013: Boundary collisions were evident on radar this afternoon, leading to storms, but I waited until they were well under way and a severe storm warning was issued before I headed out to take a look. I stayed ahead of a pretty but fragmented shelf cloud from Merritt Island into Cocoa Beach, Florida. Share

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    I waited until a severe watch caught my eye and boundary collisions were already taking place before I headed out. This weak shelf was south of S.R. 520, as seen from Merritt Island. Photo by Chris Kridler,,
    The more impressive shelf cloud was to the north but heading northeast. Photo by Chris Kridler,,
    I decided to wait at Cocoa Beach Pier for the eastbound storms. Photo by Chris Kridler,,
    Here's one view as the uneven shelf cloud approached. Photo by Chris Kridler,,
    And here's another view. Photo by Chris Kridler,,
    To the south, storms were already moving over the ocean. Photo by Chris Kridler,,
    The line approached Cocoa Beach Pier. Photo by Chris Kridler,,
    Here it comes, over the hotels and condos. Photo by Chris Kridler,,
    Some beachgoers were packing up. Others seemed unconcerned. Photo by Chris Kridler,,
    The shelf cloud starts eating the beach! Photo by Chris Kridler,,
    Or, at least, it moved overhead in an ominous manner. Photo by Chris Kridler,,
    The edge sweeps over Cocoa Beach Pier. Photo by Chris Kridler,,

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