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May 16, 2013:
northwest Kansas storms

May 16, 2013: This was my second travel day to get into position for my Tornado Alley chase, with a bonus of running into storms in northwest Kansas at the end of the day. The severe warnings waned, but they were beautiful at twilight, gently lit by the setting sun as they produced quite a bit of lightning. Share

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    My first photo stop on May 16, 2013, was a field near Harper, Kansas, where I admired the clouds and the color. Photo by Chris Kridler,,
    I love the landscape of southwestern Kansas. Photo by Chris Kridler,,
    I didn't expect to catch up to storms, but on my way to northwest Kansas to get into position for the next couple of days, I did. Photo by Chris Kridler,,
    The Element is back in its element, storm chasing in Kansas. Photo by Chris Kridler,,
    Between Oakley and Scott City on U.S. 83, I stopped to take photos of the storms as the sun set. Photo by Chris Kridler,,
    They were no longer severe, but they were pretty. Photo by Chris Kridler,,
    The Midland XTC camera captures some of the action. Photo by Chris Kridler,,
    The light was pretty, and the storms had a lot of lightning, too. Photo by Chris Kridler,,
    Zap! I lucked into this shot while shooting hand-held stills. Photo by Chris Kridler,,
    This is the next hand-held shot, taken in quick succession - with the remainder of the lightning bolt. Photo by Chris Kridler,,
    Pretty colors filled the storm, and you can see a hint of lightning at left. Photo by Chris Kridler,,
    By now I had the Nikon on the window mount so I could get steady shots, and I caught this cloud-to-ground bolt. Photo by Chris Kridler,,

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