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Tornado Alley 2013 odds and ends:
Storms, busts, people and culture

May 2013: Not every chase in Tornado Alley results in a page's worth of photos and stories. Here you'll find some of the fun odds and ends, people, sights and select storm photos from lesser chases this season. Share

A dust-devil chase in the Texas panhandle near Memphis yields a direct hit on May 22, 2013. Video by Chris Kridler.

Click on the thumbnails to see a larger image.

    On May 17, I tried an "Indian taco" in Valentine, Nebraska. I liked it.
    From May 18 - I saw a lot of Buffalo Bill and North Platte, Nebraska, this year.
    But we must give Annie Oakley her due. Shot May 18 with my iPhone in Oakley, Kansas.
    I was always out of position on May 19. We missed the Kansas tornadoes, but this storm looked nasty nonetheless southwest of Wichita.
    The May 19 high-precipitation supercell went on to produce a tornado in Wichita.
    I tried to get to the Oklahoma storms but just couldn't get to the tornadoes in time. So my May 19 ended with this mammatus shot and frustration.
    Bill Hark tries to capture the Cloud 9 Tours folks' tornado tattoos on May 21. This day, we learned of the death of tour mainstay Chris Curtis, a great guy, much beloved.
    Cloud 9 tourist tattoos.
    Cloud 9 tourist tattoos.
    Cloud 9 tourist tattoos.
    May 21 - we gave up on the chase early but had great barbecue in Stephenville, Texas, at Hard Eight BBQ.
    On May 22, on the way to Amarillo, I caught a magnificent, huge dust devil as it fled away from me. (See video, above.)
    The gang heads to the Big Texan in the limo on May 22.
    Chasers prepare for steak-o-rama at The Big Texan on May 22.
    I chased the storms north of Amarillo May 23. As this storm died, I paused in Fritch, Texas, on a boat ramp to Lake Meredith - a lake that no longer exists. Amazing.
    A stop in the smoky Mal's Cafe in the Texas panhandle on May 23 yielded these notes on the wall. (Processed iPhone photo)
    A panorama gives the full-circle view of Carhenge at Alliance, Nebraska, May 25. (Same image at top of page)
    A weak storm looms over Carhenge on May 25.
    Carhenge detail and stormy sky on May 25.
    The May 25 storm over Carhenge was pretty, at least.
    We watched one more baby storm before giving up the May 25 chase.
    We had a brief encounter with Daniel Shaw as we waited for storms May 29 in western Kansas.
    Finally, a few of us decided to check out the now-linear storms May 29.
    A lot of dust obscured the structure of the shelf cloud May 29.
    The May 29 storms in western Kansas sweep over a green field.
    May 30 started with a stop at the Serva-Teria in Pratt, Kansas. I love this sign!
    May 30, I was prevented from following a tornadic storm by a certain chaser tank that blocked the road in northeast Oklahoma.
    I tried to make the best of my position May 30.
    A few mammatus made the May 30 sky more interesting in northeast Oklahoma.
    Before the tragic El Reno, Oklahoma, tornado May 31, there was a major chaser convergence, and I finally got to meet Twister Sisters Peggy Willenberg and Melanie Metz (in green and pink) in person. Bill Hark is at left and Brad Nelson is on the right.

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