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storm gallery: August 22, 2009

August 22, 2009: Hurricane Bill took pity on Florida and swept on by, but it delivered a boon to surfers in the form of big waves. Here are some shots on a beautiful beach day at the south end of Patrick Air Force Base (Satellite Beach). Share

Click on the thumbnails to see a larger image, or view these photos as a gallery. From the gallery pages, click the "up" arrow to return to this index.

ck082209-01 ck082209-02 ck082209-03
Surfers wait for waves at Patrick Air Force Base (Satellite Beach, Florida). Waves generated by Hurricane Bill lured many surfers to the coast. Surfer and his shadow.
ck082209-04 ck082209-05 ck082209-06
Surfer-eating wave. Screeching to a halt. The dismount...
ck082209-07 ck082209-08 ck082209-09
...and the feet. Whipped cream and emerald frenzy. Crash and splash.
ck082209-10 ck082209-11 ck082209-12
Gotta love the curl. Leaning into it. Chased by spray.
ck082209-13 ck082209-14 ck082209-15
Making it look easy. Defying gravity. In the tube!
ck082209-16 ck082209-17 ck082209-18
The arc. Surfer and pelican. Living for the glide.
ck082209-19 ck082209-20 ck082209-21
A surfer battles the waves as he swims out. A pelican cruises above the waves. Surfer and spray.
ck082209-22 ck082209-23 ck082209-24
Not everyone was surfing. A broad look at the sky and beach. A beautiful wave.
ck082209-25 ck082209-26 ck082209-27
Getting there... Perfect balance. Surfers battle waves and rocks to get to the zone.
ck082209-28 ck082209-29 ck082209-30
Taking off. Spray! Coming back in.
ck082209-31 ck082209-32 ck082209-33
Facing the water. Quiet flight. In the fray.
ck082209-34 ck082209-35 ck082209-36
Yes, that's a head on the far right. Take that, ocean. Walking on water.
ck082209-37 ck082209-38 ck082209-39
Hop! Making the approach... Hello, sky.
ck082209-40 ck082209-41 ck082209-42
Airborne! Now you see him ... ... now you don't!
ck082209-43 ck082209-44 ck082209-45
Curl and foam. Grouchy bird. The mouth begins to close.
ck082209-46 ck082209-47 ck082209-48
I love the texture in this photo. Wall of water. The escape.
ck082209-49 ck082209-50 ck082209-51
The wall comes down. Churn. Surfers await the next set.

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