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storm gallery: June 26 and early July 2009

June 26 and early July 2009: Lightning photography opportunities have been limited recently as storms have blown through east-central Florida before dark, but there have been interesting and beautiful features, from lovely sunsets to a rare mammatus field to a wall cloud. Dates are noted in each caption, below. Share

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062609-1 062609-2 062609-3
June 26, 2009: The sunset was so beautiful, I pulled off north of the 520 causeway, east of Cocoa, to snap some photos. June 26, 2009: There's the Cocoa water tower, as seen over the Indian River Lagoon. June 26, 2009: The reds were stunning.
062609-4 062609-5 062609-6
June 26, 2009: More color in sky and water. June 26, 2009: Palm trees are silhouetted against the sky. June 26, 2009: Palms and a perfect Florida sunset.
062609-7 070109-1 070309-1
June 26, 2009: The colors were amazing. July 1, 2009: A storm over the Indian River dumps a big core of rain. July 3, 2009: From the Eau Gallie area of Melbourne, Florida, I got my first look at a developing mammatus field after storms went through.
070309-2 070309-3 070309-4
July 3, 2009: Here's the view looking west over the Indian River Lagoon. July 3, 2009: As the sunset hit the mammatus, I dodged raindrops and stopped in Rockledge to get photos. July 3, 2009: A slightly wider view...
070309-5 070309-6 070309-7
July 3, 2009: Nothing but clouds and water. July 3, 2009: This kind of mammatus display is so rare in Florida. July 3, 2009: The edge of the storm's anvil can be seen on the left.
070509-1 070509-2 070509-3
July 5, 2009: As storms and outflow boundaries collided over the Indian River Lagoon in Rockledge, just south of the 520 causeway, this feature formed. July 5, 2009: A heavy rain core was just south of me. July 5, 2009: The feature showed broad rotation.
070509-4 070509-5 070509-6
July 5, 2009: The rotation became more intense, and this started to look like a real wall cloud. July 5, 2009: The wall cloud couldn't quite get its act together. July 5, 2009: The feature began to lose definition as the storms moved rapidly eastward.

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