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storm gallery: May 2, 2009

May 2, 2009: I began my trip to the Plains to chase storms, never dreaming I'd actually be chasing on Day One during my long drive from Florida. I saw a couple of tornado-warned storms in Mississippi, but no tornadoes. I drove over 900 miles on this day, and a ridiculous number of hours after leaving home at 5:30 a.m. EDT. Share

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01-050209hailcore 02-050209tailend 03-050209carsgo
On May 2, 2009, this tornado-warned storm north of Yazoo City, Mississippi, had a nice, green hail core. Here's the south end of that tornado-warned storm. I didn't see that interesting feature in the photo produce anything. Cars in the area of Thornton get out of the way of the hail core, perhaps coincidentally.
04-050209stormretreat 05-050209warnedstorm 06-050209bolts1
The storm hauled east at 25 mph, still with a tornado warning. I was unwilling to chase it on dirt roads. As seen from Yazoo City, another storm moves from the west toward Thornton. It soon had a tornado warning, and good lightning. As the tornado-warned storm headed toward Thornton at dusk, I stopped to its southeast and got a few shots of its structure and lightning.
07-050209bolts3 08-050209bolts4 09-050209bolts5
I liked the storm's appearance but didn't see a tornado. Ominous, isn't it? Darkness fell, and I gave up for the night.

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