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Chris Kridler's Sky Diary: storm chasing, photography and rainy-day tales

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The Storm Seekers Series, storm-chasing adventure books by Chris Kridler

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Chris Kridler - video, photography, writing and editing services

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Storm Chasing 2018

A chase of tornado-warned storms in Florida on March 20 was a warmup for the coming Tornado Alley chase. Keep track of the 2018 chases here. Follow me here and on Twitter for the latest.

Storm Chasing 2017

Tornadoes on May 16 and May 18 were the highlights of the season. See the reports here.

Chase 2016: Incredible 20th year

My Tornado Alley chase was incredible in 2016, with many tornadoes and photogenic storms. See the 2016 reports here.

Chase 2015: Tornadoes and chaos

Check out the 2015 gallery pages for tornadoes and more.

Tornado Alley and Florida, 2014

Check out the 2014 index for the 2014 storm-chasing reports from Florida and Tornado Alley, including photos and videos. 2014 storm accounts

Storm chasing 2013

See the 2013 index for chase reports from Tornado Alley and more, including tornadoes on multiple days.
Storms and Skies 2013 slide show

Tornado Alley & Florida 2012

For the accounts of my 2012 chases in Tornado Alley and Florida, see the index of photos and stories here.

Lightning gallery

I've compiled a slide show of my lightning shots from over the years. Most are from Florida and Tornado Alley, though there's a favorite from Venice, Italy, too. See the lightning gallery

Popular accounts:
12 May 2005 Texas tornado May 12, 2005, Texas tornado and hail:
tornado in Kansas, May 12, 2004 May 12, 2004, Attica, Kansas, tornadoes:
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Portrait of Chris and Gracie by Lorene Prell of the Lorene Prell Studio

Thanks for dropping in! My name is Chris Kridler. I'm a writer, photographer and editor and author of the novels Funnel Vision, Tornado Pinball and Zap Bang. I live on the edge of Florida's Lightning Alley, and I love to chase the mighty thunderstorms of the Plains. For more info and credits, see my bio.