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storm gallery: August 21-25, 1999

To see a larger version of a photo, just click on its thumbnail image below. Then, to get back to this page, hit the "back" button on your browser. Photos noted as taken from video were shot with a digital video camera.

Arizona on August 22: Cloud towers go up over the desert during a very brief monsoon chase, during which, no matter where Bob Le Mons and I went, storms died at sunset or ran away from us before we could set up and take lightning photos. Over and south of Meteor Crater, which is east of Flagstaff, Arizona, storms were popping up, but they didn't stick around after dark.

Near Meteor Crater on August 22, this little storm cell formed a classic shape and put down a few daytime lightning bolts. Here's the same cell, at sunset, just after some antelope trotted in front of our car. (Where the deer and the antelope play!)

East of Flagstaff on August 22, just before most of the storms died, there was a lovely sunset. A storm chaser's worst nightmare, a tourist's dream on August 24: saguaro cactus under a clear blue sky in Saguaro National Park, west of Tucson, Arizona. This was the day after Bob, Susan Jensen and I chased elusive evening storms from Phoenix to Tucson.

Just south of Phoenix on August 23, the dust devils were going crazy. Photo from video. Here's the same dust devil a few minutes later. What a tube! Photo from video.

The dust devils gave us a repeat performance on August 24, again south of Phoenix, where we measured a temperature of 109 degrees Fahrenheit. Photo from video. Here's another dust devil from August 24. They were incredibly long-lasting -- sometimes 10 minutes or more. Photo from video.

Cumulus clouds dotted the air above Arizona and New Mexico as I began my flight back east on August 25 -- probably a sign of enhanced moisture creeping into the area from what was left of Hurricane Bret. Now this is the way to see a storm's anvil -- somewhere over middle America, from 30,000 feet in the air!

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