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17 May 2018:
Pretty storms and funnels in Kansas and Oklahoma

May 17, 2018: Alethea Kontis and I targeted southwest Kansas near the Colorado border for our first Tornado Alley chase. Despite a brief foray into Colorado, we ended up chasing pretty cells from Kansas into the Oklahoma panhandle. We saw multiple funnels but nothing close to a tornado. It was mostly a rainbow chase, but a pretty one.
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    Our target was the border between Colorado and southwest Kansas.
    On the border, we look at the storm in Colorado.
    There are a couple of interesting, abandoned buildings at the border, each with their own touch of art.
    We decided instead to go after storms in Kansas.
    Nice rainbow/hailbow.
    Radar showed they were vigorous but not titanic.
    The storm produced a tiny shear funnel (at center).
    Here it is, zoomed out a bit.
    And zoomed out more...
    And waaayy zoomed out as a panorama.
    Another mid-level funnel formed (to the right of the double rainbow).
    Here's a nice look at the funnel, which didn't do much.
    Still, the storm offered eye candy.
    Later, west of Hooker in the Oklahoma panhandle, the storms roiled and collided.
    While not violent, they were interesting.
    This panorama of a dying storm speaks to me. What a landscape.
    There was nice lightning with these for a few minutes.
    One more tiny funnel, as seen through the car window.
    We grabbed another rainbow outside of Hooker. Our first chase in Tornado Alley this year was mostly of rainbows, it seemed.
    Dorothy would have approved. This is in Liberal, Kansas.
    And here's my favorite intersection. Liberal was an inspiration for Pancake, Kansas, in my Storm Seekers novels.

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