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21 August 2017:
Partial solar eclipse, Brevard County, Florida

August 21, 2017: I decided to chase the eclipse in my backyard, so to speak, and although we were not in totality (about 84 percent), the effects were pretty cool. Alethea Kontis and I went to the local planetarium first, then set up a few experiments at my house. Share

The solar eclipse produced mesmerizing "snake" shadows as the sunlight filtered through the trees. For best quality, click on gear symbol at lower right of video and choose 1080HD. Video by Chris Kridler.

Click on the thumbnails to see a larger image or start a slide show with captions.

    At Eastern Florida State College's planetarium, which was out of eclipse glasses, people crammed into the observatory to see the telescope cast a shadow on the white card.
    A few people brought their own eclipse glasses.
    The message: Don't look at the sun - especially through a telescope.
    Another telescope was set up to project the eclipse; here it begins.
    And a few folks took advantage of box viewers.
    The crowd grew, and we decided to experiment with shadows at my house.
    The coolest thing about the partial eclipse had to be the crescent-shaped shadows as sunlight filtered through our oak tree.
    Alethea made tiny crescents by filtering the sun with her fingers.
    Rosie among the eclipse shadows.
    More shadows in the sandy soil.
    And a few more shadows on a sheet I'd set up.
    They even looked cool on my car.
    Shadows on the brick steps.
    A pinhole projection of the crescent sun onto a conch shell, because why not?
    No filter, quick snapshot of the sun near the peak, with expectedly poor quality but kind of a neat effect. This image shows a lot of light bleed and does not represent how the sun really looked with the proper filters.
    Here's a look at how we made crescents with binoculars.
    Binoculars make cartoon eyes as they project the crescent sun.

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