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14 May 2016:
Oklahoma scenery and 'Twister' event in Wakita

May 14, 2016: This was a down day for chasing storms, so a great day to attend the event in Wakita, Oklahoma, celebrating the 20th anniversary of the movie "Twister." In the film, the town is destroyed by a tornado. During this event, storm chasers drove through town in an impromptu parade. Share

Video shows the impromptu parade of storm chasing vehicles through Wakita, Oklahoma, during an event celebrating the 20th anniversary of the movie "Twister." For best quality, click on gear symbol at lower right of video and choose HD. Video by Chris Kridler.

Click on the thumbnails to see a larger image.

    On the way to Wakita, I enjoyed the beautiful scenery in west-central Oklahoma.
    Love this art-deco signage in Fairview, Oklahoma.
    Oklahoma wildflower.
    Oklahoma wildflower.
    Oklahoma wildflower.
    Oklahoma wildflower.
    Oklahoma wildflower.
    A crowd at the Twister Movie Museum in Wakita, Oklahoma.
    The Twister Movie Museum in Wakita, Oklahoma, has what I want: the Twister pinball machine!
    The Twister Movie Museum has one of the original Dorothy probe props from the movie.
    Chaser Dan Shaw (center) talks with folks during the event in Wakita.
    This may look familiar to "Twister" fans.
    Chase vehicles line up for an impromptu parade.
    Lots of folks hang around the Twister Movie Museum.
    The crowd in the street at the Wakita event.
    A couple of storm chasing cars with the Wakita water tower in the background.
    Chasers Dan Shaw and Greg Ansel.
    Fun "Twister" candy bags!
    The Wakita water tower appears in a great aerial shot in the movie "Twister."

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