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Summer 2015:
Florida storms and random bolts

Summer 2015: Lightning was sparse this summer - or should I say photographable lightning at night in east-central Florida was sparse. Other areas seemed to light up nightly. On this page are gathered stormy scraps from this summer, including a few lightning shots that helped make the season palatable. Share

Click on the thumbnails to see a larger image.

    July 1, this was the best of several lightning shots I got over Indialantic, Florida. Bonus: That's the moon at right!
    Lightning sparks over the Indian River Lagoon on July 5, as seen from Cocoa, Florida.
    Here's another lightning shot from Cocoa on July 5.
    This storm wasn't violent, just pretty, over the Indian River Lagoon as seen in Rockledge on July 16.
    On August 20, I was lured to Port Canaveral's Exploration Tower because of a distant storm - but it was too far away to make an impression (at right in photo).
    I chased in north central Florida and got this very distant lightning on August 31 over the St. Johns River. Not much reward for the drive.
    On September 3 in Brevard County, I looked west and hoped for a good storm to come to me. Most of my photos looked like this.
    The one worthwhile bolt occurred well east of the storm and literally on the edge of the frame - I've cropped it into a vertical.
    This lightning was shot from Lone Cabbage Fish Camp on S.R. 520 west of Cocoa, Florida, on Sept. 8, 2015.
    Another shot of lightning from Lone Cabbage Fish Camp on S.R. 520 west of Cocoa, Florida, on Sept. 8, 2015.
    On September 10, I finally got a better opportunity for lightning at Port Canaveral.
    Here's another shot from Port Canaveral on Sept. 10.
    And here's the black-and-white version I created for Instagram. Spooky, eh?

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