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29 May 2015:
Severe storms and spectacular sunset
from New Mexico to Texas

May 29, 2015: I chased on my own today, targeting east-central New Mexico, hoping for an isolated storm. Instead, there were many storms growing and dying in rapid succession, but it was still a great photography day. Share

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    On May 29, I targeted eastern New Mexico, where several showers were developing over the high terrain.
    This pretty little storm ahead of the others, near Tucumcari, caught my eye, but it didn't do much.
    This storm coming off the mountains into the same area had more vigor and some rotation.
    The rotation was evident early in the storm's life by its shape.
    I found a creepy hail shelter - an abandoned fuel stop - west of Tucumcari to wait for it.
    The hail and the storm both weakened quite a bit as it approached my location.
    And then it rained, with only tiny hail. Pretty dull stuff - and too late to chase the better storms to the south.
    Still, a fantastic mammatus show followed the storms.
    A wide shot of the mammatus.
    I stopped south of San Jon to film the mammatus.
    Farther east on I-40, around the Texas-New Mexico border, I stopped for a rainbow shot.
    Into Texas at a rest stop, I paused to shoot the spectacular sunset.
    The remaining mammatus were lit by the sun.
    Beautiful clouds and one end of the rainbow.
    Here's the other end of the rainbow.
    A closeup of the rainbow.
    Wow - what amazing colors!
    The colors and rainbow were especially dramatic over this landscape.
    It got darker, and the colors shifted.
    A last look at the big mammatus in the sunset light.
    I made one more stop at Vega, Texas, for a look at lightning in the retreating storm.

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