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23 May 2015:
Tornado-warned storm and more in Colorado

May 23, 2015: Today I chased with Brad and Dayna Rousseau, Matt Grinter, Dave Lewison, Scott McPartland and Stephen Barabas. We targeted southeast Colorado and ended up at La Junta on a tornado-warned storm. Share

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    We got to La Junta to see the storm really taking shape.
    A nice wall cloud formed on the storm.
    The storm was sucking in a lot of dust.
    Despite the tornado warning and the siren in La Junta, rotation did not appear strong.
    What a pretty storm as it sucked up dust!
    Looking up, there was still lots of blue sky.
    The wall cloud persisted under the storm.
    The storm moved north of La Junta but did not seem intent on producing a tornado, despite a report about this time (2 p.m. mountain time).
    I drove around and then went back to the same spot as earlier, east of La Junta, to watch a second storm.
    It became more outflow-dominant.
    Hail, dust and greenage!
    The outflow shaped the storm.
    The storm kicked up lots of gustnadoes as it moved east - though they were so brief, they were hard to catch on camera.
    Another look at the fast-moving storm.
    I liked the teeth in the approaching storm.
    Another look at the lovely mess.
    The storm chugged forward.
    The cows didn't seem too concerned.
    Matt shoots photos from atop Brad and Dayna's truck as we watch more storms approach.
    I liked this tree as a foreground object for the storms.
    I let this storm overtake me over pretty, rugged country, but there was more to come.
    There was nice, green color in the storms.
    At times, there was rotation - or turbulence - in the storms.
    More dramatic turbulence.
    Such a pretty shelf cloud, if not the most organized thing.
    Pretty storm, pretty wildflowers.
    An abandoned house awaits its fate.
    One more look with the gang.
    Rainy road.

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