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22 May 2015:
Colorado storms, rainbows and mini-mothership

May 22, 2015: Today I chased with Brad and Dayna Rousseau, Matt Grinter, Dave Lewison, Scott McPartland and Stephen Barabas. We targeted the upslope of eastern Colorado and were rewarded with photogenic storms. Share

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    May 22, we aimed for storms in eastern Colorado. Our group paused for a little car prep in Hugo, southeast of Limon.
    The developing storms are reflected in a puddle - everything is puddles (and lakes and roaring floods) this year.
    West of Hugo, we observed the evolving line of storm cells.
    Bill Hark takes a shot.
    I loved the storm over this field.
    We were just the start of a chaser convergence.
    The silos gleamed under the storm.
    The TIV (Tornado Intercept Vehicle) and friend roar by my location.
    The storm looked dramatic, at least.
    The storm was somewhat low-topped.
    Looking west - more storms were forming.
    Our group enjoyed the view near Genoa. Daniel Shaw peeks at the camera.
    The storm with rainbow and horses.
    Greg Ansel and Daniel Shaw pet one of the horses.
    Brad Rousseau pets a horse.
    Bill Hark says hello to the horses.
    The storm to the west almost looked as if it were developing a wall cloud.
    Bill has an audience.
    The storm to the west became more interesting.
    It's starting to look pretty.
    And now the western storm really gets pretty - and we decide to check out convection to the east.
    The convection to the east was vigorous but never really exploded.
    We stopped to photograph a pretty storm near Vona.
    Rainbow, wheat and chasers.
    Another view of the double rainbow over the wheat field.
    What a beauty!
    Rainbow and chasers, again.
    The wheat was brightly lit by the sun.
    Intense color - sky, wheat and rainbow.
    Chasers under the rainbow.
    Remember that storm to the west? It became really pretty and we split up to view it.
    It was spinning but not that powerful.
    It had great structure for such a small storm.
    More great light and shadow.
    Love the lines of this mini-mothership!
    Please forgive more shots . . .
    Beams of light and spinning structure, along with inflow.
    And a wide shot shows the storm's faded glory.
    A double rainbow in Flagler, Colorado, marks the end of my chase.

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