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15 May 2015:
Southwest Nebraska storms and lightning

May 15, 2015: Today I chased with Mark Robinson, Jaclyn Whittal, Michel Millaire, Matt Grinter, Brad and Dayna Rousseau, Dave Lewison, Scott McPartland and Stephen Barabas. We began the chase on storms in southwest Nebraska, just north of the Colorado line. Share

Video of southwest Nebraska storms with a lightning time-lapse on May 15, 2015. For best quality, click on gear symbol at lower right of video and choose 720HD. Video by Chris Kridler.

Click on the thumbnails to see a larger image.

    Our group stopped north of Big Springs, Nebraska, to watch a vigorous small storm to the west.
    While pretty, it seemed to topple over.
    We waited on the dirt road and watched storms developing to the south.
    Slowly, a storm moved up from eastern Colorado.
    The storm behind this storm had a tornado warning issued on it.
    The storm developed a dramatic shelf cloud.
    Another shot of the shelf cloud . . .
    Here's another look at the shelf cloud before I headed east to stay ahead of it.
    More lightning.
    Lightning in the storm.
    Lightning in the storm.
    Lightning in the storm.
    Lightning in the storm.
    Lightning in the storm.
    Lightning in the storm.
    Lightning in the storm as I moved east to stay ahead of it.
    Another nice bolt in the storm.
    At the town of Sutherland, Nebraska, here's more lightning.
    This cell really sparked.
    I took many photos as it moved away.
    Here's a slightly wider shot of the storm at Sutherland, Nebraska.

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