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9 May 2015:
Storms, rainbows and lightning
in southwest Kansas and the Oklahoma Panhandle

May 9, 2015: Today I chased on and off with Mark Robinson, Jaclyn Whittal, Michel Millaire, Matt Grinter and Brad and Dayna Rousseau. We targeted southwest Kansas and ended up in the Oklahoma Panhandle, witnessing beautiful storms along the way. Share

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    I started the day May 9 in Shamrock, Texas, with the TWN crew, at the U Drop Inn Route 66 landmark.
    The inn has been beautifully restored.
    The building may look familiar to fans of "Cars," as it was the model for the garage in the film.
    Here's the old cafe space inside the building.
    We paused in Hugoton, Kansas, to eye the sky, but the dryline was on the move.
    Promising clouds were going up around us.
    From Liberal, Kansas, the convection seemed explosive. This was shot at the intersection of Pancake Boulevard and Yellow Brick Road, which I evoke in graphics for "Funnel Vision," my first Storm Seekers novel.
    Shot from the same location in Liberal, near Dorothy's House, the budding storm looks impressive.
    South of Liberal, the storms were beautiful.
    I moved from Kansas into the Oklahoma panhandle.
    I watched this storm for a while.
    Though it developed fast, it didn't seem to want to root itself.
    Still, it was a pretty sight.
    The storm showed off a rainbow.
    As the storm moved rapidly off to the northeast, developing a tornado warning, it was impossible to catch.
    I followed storms east in the Oklahoma Panhandle to be treated to a great rainbow and mammatus. This is "The Rainbow and I," with my shadow.
    What a sky!
    The whole rainbow.
    I love the way the rainbow leads to the silo.
    A couple more shots of the rainbow -
    - which was actually a double rainbow.
    The sky was entrancing as the sun sank.
    Just west of Gate, Oklahoma, I watched a small storm approach from the southwest.
    It grew more defined.
    The sun set behind the updraft.
    Here's a wider view.
    With the sun down, it seemed to shrink.
    South of Minneola, Kansas, I stopped to shoot some lightning under the stars.
    Intriguing shapes appeared in the lightning! What a gorgeous night.

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