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8 May 2015:
Tornadic storm and lightning in Texas

May 8, 2015: Today I chased with The Weather Network's Storm Hunters crew - Mark Robinson, Jaclyn Whittal and Michel Millaire. We ended up on the tornadic storm at Throckmorton, Texas, where I got a nice lightning photo later in the evening. Share

Click on the thumbnails to see a larger image.

    Storms in Texas took us from Crowell to Throckmorton and beyond.
    The Weather Network crew gives its cameras a workout.
    The hail core on this storm was beautifully green.
    The storm had an interesting look near Throckmorton.
    We questioned whether it was becoming outflow-dominant, but it still had rotation.
    We stop to observe the storm.
    As seen from east of Throckmorton, this was shot at 6:42 p.m., a few minutes before a tornado was reported. It's likely forming on the right side of the base as seen in this photo.
    Here's another look at the storm about the time a tornado was reported (6:49 p.m.).
    Here you can see the tornado near Throckmorton just as it's lifting (6:51 p.m.).
    There's the lifting funnel, just right of center (6:51 p.m.).
    The inset shows the lifting tornado (6:51 p.m.).
    Later, south of Graham, I awaited the line of storms.
    Lightning illuminated the storms.
    More lightning under the line of storms.
    Here's another view of the approaching line, looking to the northwest.
    The line of storms was turbulent.
    Lightning spangles the sky behind the Throckmorton County Courthouse.

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