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June 1, 2014:
Severe Kansas storms

June 1, 2014: Today, I met up with fellow chasers Dave Lewison, Scott McPartland, Anemometer Steve Barabas, and The Weather Network's Mark Robinson, Jaclyn Whittal and Michel Millaire. We faced a bunch of ongoing convection, including a morning storm over Sidney, Nebraska, where we'd spent the night, and knew the forecast would be messy. We chased storms in northwest Kansas, but they had trouble remaining isolated and maintaining their strength. Still, I got a few photos that made me happy. Share

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    With convection ongoing even in the morning, we hoped to find an isolated cell. We watched this one south of Oberlin, Kansas, as a line of storms boiled to our east.
    Anemometer Steve, Scott McPartland, Mark Robinson and Dave Lewison watch the storm.
    The mammatus got better, but the base didn't.
    Scott McPartland and Dave Lewison hang out, watching the storm.
    The mammatus clouds became beautiful (here seen over The Weather Network vehicle).
    While the mammatus looked great, the storm itself died. So we went south.
    We found ourselves between two storms that were about to collide. This is the northern one.
    Here's the southern storm that was about to overtake our target near Routes 83 and 4.
    The target storm looked good for a few minutes west of Healy until it was overtaken and the storms lined out.
    We watched the line overtake us, then shot this rainbow west of Healy.
    The storms were pretty, at least, especially with the rainbow.
    A distant storm briefly goes severe before weakening - that seemed to be the story of the day.
    Near the Monument Rocks, this abandoned house caught our eye.
    The remains of a chimney were visible.
    Here's a black-and-white shot of the roofless rafters.
    The storm chasers: from left, Michel Millaire, Scott McPartland, Anemometer Steve, Jaclyn Whittal, Mark Robinson, George Kourounis, Dave Lewison, Jade and me.

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