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gallery: May 28, 2012

May 28, 2012: I chased on my own today, starting from Pratt, Kansas, and aiming for just over the Texas border in the Vernon area. I ended up under towers as they went up. They rapidly became severe. The first one was pretty, and I let it go to navigate to the storm behind it, which looked more meaty on radar. It was beautiful but gusted out spectacularly. I sought shelter in Seymour, but the big hail missed me. It always seems to miss me when I have protection from it. Share

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I started my day in Pratt, Kansas, and began the drive south to my target, the Vernon, Texas, area. I saw this on the way. Now this would be a great chase car.

Towers went up pretty much over my head as I paused on I-83 between Vernon and Seymour, Texas.

This one - and others around it - developed very quickly into hailers with little or no rotation.

At least it had an impressive precipitation core.

The storm behind it to the west, however, looked better, so I went south and then northwest again out of Seymour to get a closer look.

Though no rotation was indicated, at least at first, it was a beauty.

The vertical view.

The storm began showing outflowish tendencies, suggesting it was about to die despite indications of big hail.

This little feature rotated, but it was high-based and on the leading edge of the outflow.

The storm began kicking up dust.

The dust intensified as the storm moved south.

More dust, along with a serious hail core. It was chasing me and the other chasers on this farm road. I took shelter in Seymour and experienced a real "hurricane hailer," though the hail I got wasn't that large.

On the way to Wichita Falls for the night, a rainbow shone over a Cloud 9 Tours van.

Pretty mammatus filled the sky.

A chamber-of-commerce photo with the Wichita Falls water tower and rainbow.

I met up again with friends, and we photographed the mammatus display from the Olive Garden parking lot.

More gorgeous mammatus.

More mammatus...

And lots more ...

And a sky full of mammatus as the sun set over ye olde parking lot.

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