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gallery: May 11, 2010

May 11, 2010: There are more people pictures than sky photos in this summary, because this was a classic storm chase in the sense that we ended up waiting around a lot for the cap to break. Today I took along a friend for her first chase, Tiffany Crumrine. We chased with Scott McPartland, Dave Lewison, Mark Robinson and crew, and met up with various folks along the way before becoming separated from them all (except for hearing them over the radio). What seemed like a significant storm potential and a lot of juice went to waste before sunset with little in the way of storms - except one pretty, tornado-warned corkscrew, below. Share

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051110-01 051110-02 051110-03
Mark and Brad use a knife and a napkin to properly read a hodograph during forecast discussions at the Guest Inn in Norman, Oklahoma. Further forecast discussion at the Guest Inn. Note the newspaper on the table with headlines about the previous day's tornadoes. Dave Lewison prepares for the chase at Norman's Guest Inn.
051110-04 051110-05 051110-06
Scott fuels up for the chase at Souper! Salad! Here's a closeup look at one of NSSL's probes from Vortex 2. Ian, as seen by the fisheye.
051110-07 051110-08 051110-09
Dave Patrick is clearly happy about his birthday. Scott McPartland and his XTerra. Cloud 9 Tours driver John Guyton demonstrates the capacities of the fisheye lens.
051110-10 051110-11 051110-12
Tiffany is caught by the fisheye lens. Mike Theiss tries to look busy. My Element is ready to go, if only storms would fire.
051110-13 051110-14 051110-15
Cloud 9 Tours leader Charles Edwards eyes storm prospects at a truck stop in western Oklahoma. Charles longs to find hail that compares to this tennis ball. The AP's Justin interviews Tiffany, who was on her first storm chase.
051110-16 051110-17 051110-18
Mark's crew of young meteorologists waits for storms in Clinton, Oklahoma. More waiting in Clinton. Scott has a chat with his video camera.
051110-19 051110-20 051110-21
Why yes, there were clouds, though they were capped as the wait continued. A little storm went up south of I-40, but pursuit was futile as it fizzled. Eventually, a pair of small storms went up north of I-40 at sunset.
051110-22 051110-23 051110-24
The storms had good inflow, but the easternmost one showed signs of weakness. Tiffany surveys our prospects. The twin storms were pretty as the sun slipped lower.
051110-25 051110-26 051110-27
Amazing mammatus appeared in the anvil, but the light I was hoping for never arrived. The southwest storm, with a tiny, spiraling updraft, became dominant and was tornado-warned. Laminar features characterized the base as the corkscrewing updraft leaned forward, south of Woodward, Oklahoma.
051110-28 051110-29 051110-30
Here's a video grab of lightning from the cell, which had vigorous anvil zits. Here's another shot showing the amazing inflow tail. Here's a parting shot of the storm, which soon shrunk out of existence.

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