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storm gallery: March 19-20, 2010

March 19-20, 2010: A fantastic weekend in the Florida Keys centered around the annual storm chaser party at Jim Leonard's place in Islamorada. The weather was so fantastic, for most of the day, the chasers stayed outside instead of enjoying the usual indoor tornado and hurricane video fest ... though some of that went on later. Share

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031910-01 031910-02 031910-03
Sunset at the Lorelei on March 19. Wacky boats docked at the Lorelei in Islamorada. Jim Edds, Dave Lewison, Stephanie LaRose, Cecelia Morgan on March 19 at the Lorelei.
031910-04 031910-05 032010-06
Cecelia Morgan, Scott McPartland and Steve Sponsler at the Lorelei. Sunset at the Lorelei. Jeff Gammons, Jason Foster and Scott McPartland at the chaser party on March 20 at Jim Leonard's Islamorada home.
032010-07 032010-08 032010-09
Michael Laca looks not at the sky, but at the wasps' nest above my head. Beautiful palms in Islamorada, Florida Keys. Jim Leonard (center) talks with Mike Theiss (right) at Jim's storm chaser party in Islamorada.
032010-10 032010-11 032010-12
Chris Collura and the speedy watercraft. Chris Collura gave people rides on his super-fast watercraft. Chris Downs and Jack Beven talk about hurricanes.
032010-13 032010-14 032010-15
Dave Lewison seems to say: "You lookin' at me?" An interesting natural relic at Jim's place. Chasers on Jim's beach.
032010-16 032010-17 032010-18
Gracie takes a dip. Yuck, salty water! Gracie dries off after a dip in the Atlantic. Wally checks out Dave.
032010-19 032010-20 032010-21
Gracie sniffs Dave's ear. Jim unloads the grill (distorted by the fisheye lens). George Jenkins, as seen by the fisheye.
032010-22 032010-23 032010-24
Jeff Gammons takes pictures as Chris Collura messes with a jellyfish. I'm shooting this of me, George and Gracie with the fisheye lens. The fisheye catches Dave and Stephanie.
032010-25 032010-26 032010-27
George and the dogs under the palms. Everyone looks concerned with their horrible distortion. Scott and Cecelia.
032010-28 032010-29 032010-30
Preparing for a group photo. You're surrounded. Becky Lee is a blur as other folks get food and watch storm video in Jim Leonard's place.
032010-31 032010-32 032010-33
Setting up for a group photo. Jim Williams and Steve Sponsler. The beach during the golden hour.
032010-34 032010-35 032010-36
Hanging out. Short star trails as seen beyond wind-blown palm trees on Grassy Key in the Florida Keys, March 20, 2010. Short star trails as seen over Grassy Key in the Florida Keys, March 20, 2010.
032010-37 032010-38 032010-39
A few minutes' exposure brings out the Big Dipper and other stars above swaying palm trees on Grassy Key in the Florida Keys, March 20, 2010. The moon sets amid a starry sky above the tiki paradise that is the Florida Keys. A few minutes' exposure shows stars inching through the night sky over Grassy Key, at the north end of Marathon in the Florida Keys. That orange dot reflected in the water is the moon. All photos © Chris Kridler,

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