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storm gallery: June 5, 2008

June 5, 2008: I couldn't resist one more chance to chase tornadoes in the Plains, so after some frustrating flight cancellations, I managed to get out there the morning of June 5, when the Storm Prediction Center was issuing a high risk and anticipating a possible tornado outbreak. I'd also anticipated a day like that, which is why I came out in the first place, but the outbreak didn't materialize. Even local newspapers had headlines that said the "dire forecast" didn't come about. I drove from Kansas City into Nebraska and back to Kansas anyway.

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a060508storm b060508shelf c060508shelfflowers
This storm near Superior, Nebraska, produced a tornado or two in an unlikely spot in western Kansas before I got on it. I caught the storm in its outflow phase, producing a pretty shelf cloud. Once again, with wildflowers.
d060508shelf e060508shelf f060508tree
Getting closer ... And closer ... As the storm's remnants retreated, this tree guarded a lonely road.
g060508retreat h060508lastspin  
There goes the storm. Parting shot: Even little updrafts appeared to be rotating. But the magic wasn't there.

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