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storm gallery: May 29, 2001

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May 29 was shaping up to be a potentially significant severe weather event along the dryline in the Texas panhandle, with strong rotating wind profiles and lots of instability. We saw lots of towering cumulus clouds early in the afternoon but made our first data stop in Vega. Image from video. We went after the first storm that went up, south of I-40. Philip Flory advised us by phone that the storm had split. We got this interesting view of what may have been the remnants of one storm as we headed toward the main updraft. Image from video.

This good-looking updraft gave us high hopes. Image from video. The first wall cloud looked interesting, but then the storm began to look linear as it reorganized. Image from video.

We ran into the Cloud 9 Tours group and other chasers - a prelude to what would be the largest chaser convergence I have ever witnessed - as the storm began producing one meso after another. Image from video. This was another, more impressive wall cloud. We were hearing of tornadoes on the ground on a storm to the north at this time, but we didn't want to leave our rotating storm. Image from video.

When a huge rear-flank downdraft kicked up lots of dust, we thought the storm was getting ready to put down a tornado. Nope! Image from video. We began to get an idea of the storm's beautiful structure near Quitaque, where it was sucking in inflow like there was no tomorrow. It was a vacuum cleaner, inhaling red dust. Image from slide.

Finally, we got far enough ahead to see the rotating beast. Image from slide. The storm became a magnificent layer cake! I've never seen such amazing structure. You could see it slowly rotating with the naked eye. Image from slide.

Here's a longer view of the gorgeous storm. Image from slide. Outside of Childress, we listened to the tornado siren and watched the storm as it passed south of town. The video time-lapse looks pretty cool as it spins eastward. Image from slide.

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