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storm gallery: September 4-26

To see a larger version of a photo, just click on its thumbnail image below. Then, to get back to this page, hit the "back" button on your browser. Photos noted as taken from video were shot with a digital video camera.

September 4, 2000: A Labor Day storm produces branchy lightning west of Cocoa, Florida. Image from slide. The hurricane season for Florida was almost unbelievably quiet. I was determined to chase Hurricane Gordon on September 17, but it turned out to be quite pathetic. Image from video.

My drive from the east coast of Florida to the west was unencumbered by tornadic activity, despite morning tornado warnings that got me out of bed in the first place. At this point, in late afternoon, Gordon was declared a tropical storm. Image from video. As I neared Cedar Key, after being turned away from the coast by Yankeetown police, there was no rain, and sunlight even showed through the clouds. Image from video.

I got on the road leading out to Cedar Key and stopped by this church, where giant mosquitoes were buzzing around the car. The most fascinating thing about the sky was the clouds racing in different directions at different altitudes above my head, but the wind wasn't even strong enough to bend the palm trees. Image from slide. I decided to bag the chase within a few miles of Cedar Key as darkness was falling. I deemed the tropical-storm waves not worth more sleep deprivation. I was treated to these ominous clouds before darkness and the long drive home. Image from video.

Some lightning on September 26 helped redeem the disheartening Gordon experience. Here distant bolts are seen from Satellite Beach, looking north over the Atlantic coast. Image from slide. At Port Canaveral, the bolts were as pretty as the lights on the water. Image from slide.

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