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dispatches: December 2008

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Nature's Christmas
Winter blues: OK, so it's really late fall. I feel as if I've been in retreat, trying to bunker down in some emotional place and let the storm pass. (Though I love real storms, of course.) It's not just the doom and gloom about the economy, and watching talented friends get laid off at work. It was visiting the family home for the last time (and taking pictures like the pine cone and holly) before my dad moved into his apartment. It was cooking Thanksgiving dinner and thinking about how my mother would have enjoyed it, how she would have liked knowing I was using her dishes and her recipes, and missing her terribly. It's the stress caused by having to switch insurance companies (thanks, State Farm, for dropping thousands of us in Florida), then waiting endlessly since roofers tore off our roof, and being given the runaround while we wait for the new one to be put on. It's having friends who are seriously ill ... and even a friend's dog who is seriously ill! Mine are a crazy comfort. They are unaffected by the things that bother us silly humans. As long as they get good food, walks and time with their pack, they're all set. Something I should take to heart.