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dispatches: September 2007

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Open sky at Ground Zero
Above New York: We just got back from a trip to Pennsylvania and a side trip to New York City, where I saw Ground Zero for the first time, six years after the senseless acts that brought down the towers. I was there as a kid, and saw the city from the top of those towers. From the chasm below, it's very different and still emotional for me, but being there gave me a small sense of hope, as the wide-open sky above what is now a construction site is full of possibilities. Tourists look up everywhere in New York, marveling at what is. There, they look up, thinking about what was and what could be. On the eve of the 9/11 anniversary, I am still sad, and I am still angry, and no lecture on video from a would-be dictator, still at large as he plots to kill more innocents in the name of god, is going to change that. I know the world is full of bad things and bad people who will continue to threaten us, and the leaders of our country have only made things worse by countering terror with blind violence in the past few years, but the life force of New York and any place where people live with tolerance and open minds has got to be stronger than any zealot's army. That's what that little whisper of hope said, anyway, against my bleak evaluation of humanity's dark history.

View from the Empire State Building